Measurement solutions

The basis of ROTEC measurement and evaluation solutions lies in the reliable measurement of rotational speeds and angular positions, as well as the detection of valve lift. What sets us apart is the individual signal chain for each sensor type, guaranteeing users the highest signal quality and excellent user-friendliness. For applications such as magnetic speed sensing on gears, optical speed sensing on black and white patterns, and valve lift measurements on tooth structures, Rotec sensor solutions offer users the highest quality with simultaneously high flexibility for individual solutions. Feel free to contact us for personal consultation.

Magnetic speed measurement

Messlösung Ferromagnetismus_Sensor

ROTEC differential sensors are utilized for speed measurements on ferromagnetic gears. With various designs, sensor lengths, and high-temperature variants available, speed measurements can be efficiently implemented.



Messlösung Ferromagnetismus_Elektronik

The Differential Sensor Adapter (DSA) converts the sinusoidal signal from the ROTEC magnetic sensor into a pulse train of needle pulses with TTL level, which is processed by the RASdelta speed measurement card.



Messlösung Ferromagnetismus_Messkarte

The basis for torsional vibration analysis is provided by the RASdelta speed measurement card. Using a 12.3 GHz counter, highly accurate timestamps for the rising edges of the digital signal are stored.

Messlösung Ferromagnetismus_Software

The modular RAS software enables efficient measurement and analysis. Typical analysis options include torsional vibration and twist angle analysis, transmission error (TE), as well as slip and torsion analysis.

Optical speed measurement

Messlösung Lasor_Sensor

ROTEC laser sensors are used for optical measurement of the rotational frequency or speed of rotating machine parts. In this process, a black and white (zebra) pattern is scanned using a reflection method. Disk and band patterns are available in various dimensions.

Messlösung Laser_Elektronik

The Laser Tachometer 3 (ElLas3) converts the signal from the ROTEC laser sensor into a pulse train with TTL level, which can then be processed by the RASdelta speed measurement card. The automatic learning function and colored LEDs guarantee efficient use.

Messlösung Laser_Messkarte

The foundation for torsional vibration analysis is provided by the RASdelta speed measurement card. Utilizing a 12.3 GHz counter, highly accurate timestamps for the rising edges of the digital signal are stored.

Messlösung Laser_Software

The modular RAS software enables efficient measurement and analysis. Typical analysis options include torsional vibration and twist angle analysis, transmission error (TE), as well as slip and torsion analysis.

Valve lift measurement

Messlösung Ventildynamik_Sensor

The Sensitec GLM711 AVB sensor for valve lift measurement is designed for use on ferromagnetic tooth structures. The sensor provides two analog signals phase-shifted by 90 degrees (sine and cosine).

Messlösung Ventildynamik_Elektronik

The sine and cosine signals from the sensor are either converted into a 0-10V online lift signal in the Valve Train Measurement Module (ELVTMM, formerly Sensitec SPP3001) or directed for further processing to the 3.2 MHz analog inputs of the RASdelta using GMR sensor electronics as SIN/COS traces.

Messlösung Ventildynamik_Messkarte

Die RASdelta 3,2 MHz Analogmesskarte ermöglicht das Erfassen der SIN/ COS Signale des Ventilhubsensors mit ausreichend hoher Abtastrate, die die Analyse von Ventilaufsetzgeschwindigkeit, Prellen und weitere tiefergehende, hochdynamische Ventiltriebsanalysen ermöglicht.  

Messlösung Ventildynamik_Software

The RAS software module for valve train analysis enables user-friendly evaluation of dynamic valve dynamics measurements on motored cylinder heads as well as fired engines.



Any more questions?

What does the ROTEC solution for rotation analysis look like and what does RAS mean?

The ROTEC Rotational Analysis System (RAS) has been used for more than 30 years by users in the mechanical engineering, automotive, power generation and motorsport industries for the comprehensive analysis of rotating components.

With its unique measurement method using a 12.3 GHz counter card and a strictly angle-based approach to rotational speed detection and analysis, the RAS system offers users an unparalleled advantage.

ROTEC offers not only optical and magnetic speed sensors including signal conditioning adapters, but also the modular measuring system RASdelta as well as specialized and user-friendly software for measurement and analysis. This enables a complete solution from a single source. The ROTEC measurement technology products are perfectly matched to each other and deliver meaningful results within a very short time after the uncomplicated setup of the measurement chain.

Thanks to the angle-based approach to speed measurement, problems such as sensor vibrations can be detected after the first measurement and rectified immediately. This effectively prevents costly incorrect measurements.

Our team of experts at ROTEC ENGINEERING, consisting of long-standing users, will be happy to assist you with challenging tasks.

Are there options for customizing the measurement systems and software?

The ROTEC RASdelta front end is a versatile modular measurement system that can be individually configured with 8 or 16 measurement cards to meet your specific measurement requirements.

Our RAS software offers you a comprehensive modular system for analyzing rotating components and complex systems. It is an effective tool for machine builders and requires no programming knowledge to carry out measurements or perform evaluations.

If you have specific metrological questions, our experienced ROTEC ENGINEERING consulting team will be happy to support you.

Does ROTEC offer other services in addition to the measuring systems, e.g. individual consulting or project support?

ROTEC offers not only speed sensors, signal conditioning, measurement systems (DAQ) and measurement and evaluation software, but also engineering and consulting services.

Our services include the design of measuring points in CAD, the mechanical processing of components, the application and calibration of sensors, the execution of measurement tasks and the evaluation of measurements in accordance with our customers' requirements, including the presentation of the results. The ROTEC ENGINEERING team can also implement sub-projects as part of project support.

Is there training or technical support for commissioning and integrating the measuring systems?

In addition to our annual ROTEC Training Week, which is held in both German and English, we also offer customized training courses for users. These training courses are specially tailored to your individual application of the ROTEC measuring system and include not only the theoretical basics and a detailed presentation of the software, but also practical demo measurements in your environment. This ensures that future users are optimally prepared for your specific application.

Furthermore, we are happy to support you in the commissioning of new measuring systems to enable you to become familiar with the settings and possibilities of the RAS software as quickly as possible.

How is support ensured and are there self-help options?

In addition to our sales and support team in Munich, which serves the Central European market directly from here, ROTEC also cooperates with local partners in many global markets. These partners support local users with trained personnel for all matters relating to ROTEC measurement technology, first-level support and sales inquiries.

Our customers around the world appreciate the proximity of our sales and support teams, as this enables us to guarantee effective support even for short-term questions.

In addition to personal contact, ROTEC also offers an extensive knowledge database for self-help. Please register for our knowledge database to obtain detailed information on measuring and evaluating torsional vibrations, transmission errors and valve systems, among other things.